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We understand the critical role that printed circuit boards (PCBs) play in the success of your designs. That’s why we’ve partnered with Sunshine Global Circuits to bring you an expansive range of high-quality, high-technology PCB solutions, tailored for the diverse needs of New England’s innovators.

SGC specializes in helping customers take complex designs from prototypes to volume production. Their Engineering and FAE Group provides material suggestions, stack-ups, impedance modeling, and DFM guidance. 

We provide access to everything from standard 2L-48L rigid PCBs to complex HDI and stacked microvia boards, backplanes, flex and rigid-flex circuits, heavy copper for high-current applications, metal-backed options for exceptional thermal management, and RF microwave boards for high-frequency operations.


Why SGC?

  • Quick Turn Prototypes (5-10 days)
  • FAE Tech Support for DFM-Stackups
  • VMI and Local Stocking Solutions
  • Same-day Quoting
  • Production Volumes (4 weeks std)

Rigid PCBs

Sunshine Global provides high quality rigid boards for high technology and high reliability applications. They have the capacity to support high mix low volume, quick turn-around, as well as high production volumes.

Rigid PCBs provide the mechanical rigidity required to support electronic components and withstand the stresses of handling and assembly. These boards can be constructed with up to 48 layers, with high-density interconnect (HDI) technology, Via-in-Pad with epoxy via fill and plated over. Sequential Lamination is used to create complex interconnections within the PCB, allowing for advanced capabilities in a compact form factor.

Surface Finishes: Surface finishes on PCBs are crucial for solderability and protection against oxidation. ENIG, HASL, LF-HAL, OSP, Imm Ag, Imm Sn, and Hard Gold are among the many available options, each offering different benefits in terms of cost, shelf life, and performance in various environments.

Flex Printed Circuits

Flex circuits are characterized by their thin, pliable nature, made possible by using materials like polyimide. Their lightness and flexibility are particularly useful in space-constrained applications. They can be found in anything from small consumer electronics to large aerospace and medical devices.

Sunshine Global only uses hi-temp resistant polyimide (PI) materials in their Flex Circuits.  Stiffeners or rigidizers are often used, particularly in the soldering areas or ZIF connector areas.

There are four types of flex circuits:

Type 1: Single-Sided Flex

Type 2:  Double-Sided Flex

Type 3:  Multilayer Flex

Type 4:  Rigid-Flex

Rigid-Flex PCBs

Sunshine Global has been building Rigid-Flex for over 10 years. They have a dedicated manufacturing line for Rigid-Flex and Flexible Circuits, along with dedicated engineers and product development team.

3D Design and Efficiency: Rigid-Flex PCBs combine the best of rigid and flex PCB technologies. They can be manipulated into three-dimensional shapes, allowing for innovative designs that can wrap around structures or fit into irregular spaces. This 3D design capability facilitates higher component density and more creative mechanical packaging solutions.

Manufacturing Complexity: The fabrication of Rigid-Flex PCBs is more sophisticated and time-consuming than that of rigid PCBs. It requires precision in handling and layering the different substrates and careful alignment of the flex to the rigid portions of the board.

HDI – High Density Interconnect

Sunshine Global has the latest in laser ablation and mechanical drilling equipment combined with the processing know-how to manufacture these designs.

Miniaturization: HDI PCBs are central to the miniaturization of electronic devices. They use fine line microvia technology, which permits more components per unit area and enhances the electrical performance by reducing signal path length and associated inductance.

Laser Drilling and Buried Vias: The use of laser drilling allows for the creation of microvias, enabling the board to have a more compact size with increased functionality. Buried vias are hidden within the layers of the PCB, contributing to the density and performance of the board.


Sunshine Global has the expertise and experience to build high-layer count backplanes. 

Backplanes or “back panels” are essentially the spine of a complex electronic system, carrying signals between various modules such as processors, memory, and I/O interfaces. They are often designed with a high layer count for robustness and reliability.

The applications for backplanes push these boards to extremely high speeds (>100 GHz). The reliability of data transmission is critical to ensure 0 packet loss. Signal integrity (SI) therefore becomes very critical in backplane systems.

Back drilling is used to improve signal integrity by removing the unused portions of plated-through holes, thus reducing signal reflections that can degrade performance. SGC’s  state-of-the-art backdrill systems have panel mapping capability to ensure depth consistency and repeatability.

Heavy Copper PCBs

Sunshine Global’s Heavy copper PCBs are designed for high current applications, such as power distribution systems. They are built with a thick copper layer to handle higher amperage without overheating. Such boards are a critical component in industrial and high-power electronic devices.

Copper in circuit boards carry the electrical current and signals. The thickness of copper layers in PCB’s are typically H oz and 1 oz. Copper thickness is expressed in weight with 1 oz equal to .0014″ or 35um nominal thickness. For high current, high amperage applications like power supplies, thicker copper is required. PCB’s with >2 oz finished copper are considered heavy copper.  SGC has experience with this type of product to 26 layers with all 4 oz copper.

Sunshine Gloabal Thermal-Management-Square

Thermal Management Solutions

Managing heat in high-performance electronics is crucial. Sunshine Global offers a spectrum of heat management solutions to help you with your high power and heat-demanding designs.

PCBs with thermal management solutions like aluminum-backed, metal-core PCBs, and embedded copper coin technologies are designed to effectively dissipate heat, thereby improving reliability and performance in high-power electronic applications.

For higher power applications, copper coins or plates may be required. These are machined separately then soldered or attached to the PCB. Coins may also be embedded into the PCB and connected to the surface by thermal vias. 

RF Microwave Circuits

To support this important and growing market, Sunshine has established a production line for RF microwave circuit boards.

These boards are engineered to handle high-frequency signals in the RF microwave spectrum. They often include specialized features such as edge plating, cavities for components, and integrated antennas, all of which require precision engineering to ensure signal integrity.

Sunshine Global offers a wide selection of materials, including PTFE from AGC Neltec and Taconic, RO3000 and RO4000 from Rogers, and other ultra low loss materials.

Many of the low loss materials come with RTF, VLP, or HVLP copper foils, to provide smooth traces and minimize loss due to skin effect at high frequencies.

At Selmark, we commit to more than just supply; we’re here to provide expert guidance, from PCB selection to design optimization, ensuring your journey from prototype to volume production is seamless and cost-effective.

Take the Next Step:

No matter your need, we will help determine the best product for your application or assist in the creation of custom-made designs.  Contact us for samples and pricing.


Sunshine is a PCB manufacturer with a focus on high mix, high technology, and high quality circuit boards. They offer a wide array of products and capabilities, including 2L-36L rigid-PCB’s, HDI & stacked micro-vias, hi-speed and low-loss boards, heavy copper, rigid-flex & flex circuits, metal-backed PCB’s, and RF microwave boards. We are proud to offer Sunshine products to our customers throughout New England.

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