SCHURTER Smart Connector Ecosystem

Transforming Devices into Intelligent Assets.

Experience the future of connectivity with the SCHURTER Smart Connector range – an ingenious combination of smart hardware components and the power of the SCHURTER Cloud. Elevate your devices to new heights of efficiency and intelligence with our state-of-the-art Smart Ecosystem.

Smart Connectors for Every Need
SCHURTER offers two Smart Connector variations to cater to your specific requirements:

  • Internal Smart Connector (DS11): Replace your standard IEC device plug with the DS11 smart plug. It’s not just a plug – it’s a gateway to a world of data insights. Track consumption, visualize processes, manage energy, and more.
  • External Smart Connector (DT31): This “plug and play” variation is simply inserted between any device and its power supply and provides the same exceptional functionality as the DS11 with limitless flexibility.

The world of IoT connectivity is now at your fingertips. Imagine effortlessly monitoring, controlling, and configuring your devices from anywhere, anytime. Our Smart Ecosystem empowers you with:

Seamless Connectivity, Unprecedented Control

Rack Safety Plus PDU

SCHURTER DS11 Internal Smart Connector

Smart Interface Integration

Seamlessly integrate our Smart Connectors with your own cloud systems using our intuitive API. Experience a level of compatibility that puts you in the driver’s seat.

User-Friendly Smart App

Configuration has never been this simple. Our Smart App lets you easily customize your device settings to fit your exact needs, all in just a few taps.

    Data Security & Reliability

    Rest easy knowing that your data is transmitted and stored securely. With SCHURTER’s Smart Ecosystem, your information is in trusted hands.


      SCHURTER DT31 External Smart Connector

      Use Case

      Hospital Resource Management

      In large medical facilities, managing equipment and resources demands cutting-edge solutions. SCHURTER’s Smart Connector DT31 has revolutionized resource management in hospitals, providing accurate utilization and behavior insights for seamless operations:

      Effortless Integration:

      Insert the DT31 Smart Connector between any device and its power supply. Gain control, capture data, and access it via SCHURTER’s intuitive user interface or our dedicated app.

      Inventory Management:

      Assign unique identification codes to each device and store them in the cloud along with captured data. Enjoy real-time access to your device inventory without manual data entry.

      Usage Behavior Analysis:

      Measure power consumption, operating hours, and device activities. This enables precise analysis, optimized maintenance intervals, and improved resource utilization.

      Preventive Maintenance:

      Set maintenance intervals based on device operating hours. Detect deviations from normal behavior, alerting maintenance personnel for timely actions.

      Data Security & Privacy:

      With API integration and stringent data security measures, the Smart Connector seamlessly blends into your existing systems, ensuring data privacy and compliance.

      Elevate Your Operations with SCHURTER Smart Connectors

      Embrace the future of IoT connectivity with SCHURTER’s Smart Ecosystem. From inventory management to efficient resource utilization, our Smart Connectors redefine the way you manage and operate your electrical devices.

      Trust in Selmark to bring you the latest innovations and solutions that elevate your business. Connect, control, and conquer with the SCHURTER Smart Ecosystem – where intelligence meets innovation.

      Are you ready to revolutionize your devices and operations?  We’re here to help.


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