Quantic Electronics

Quantic Evans manufactures high energy density capacitors for demanding applications that require the highest levels of quality. We have the most power dense capacitor technology in the industry and are routinely specified for defense, aerospace, and energy exploration applications where high reliability and SWaP (space, weight, and power) savings are critical design considerations.

Quantic Paktron is one of the true pioneers in American capacitor manufacturing. Today, Paktron is the technological leader in multilayer polymer film (MLP) capacitors. Its innovative portfolio addresses mission-critical, “cannot fail” performance in demanding markets from automotive and commercial to military, space and telecom

Quantic Evans

Quantic Evans_Round_Radial_Series_

Round Radial Capacitors

Quantic Evans_Square_Radial_Series_

Square Radial Capacitors

Quantic Evans_Axial

Axial Capacitors

Quantic Paktron

Quantic Paktron CC Capstick and RC Angstor

CC Capstick & RC Angstor Capacitors


Capstick Capacitors

Quanitic Paktron_Angstor

Angstor Capacitors