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Orion Fans manufactures standard and custom thermal management solutions including AC, DC, EC fans, fan trays, blowers, and motorized impellers, and fan accessories.

For over four decades, Orion Fans has delivered exceptional cooling products engineered for a wide range of industries and applications. Our commitment is simple: to keep your critical equipment cool, ensuring peak performance and reliability.


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  • OEM and Special Requests available including special voltage fans, wire assemblies with customer-specified connectors, special functions, and low MOQ’s
Orion AC Fans

AC Fans – The Backbone of Robust Cooling

60mm – 280mm

Designed for endurance and versatility, these fans come in various voltages, including 115VAC, 230VAC, and dual options, with custom voltages tailored to your needs. With a standard IP44 rating and options for enhanced protection and dual-speed functionality, these fans are crafted for any challenge in any environment.

IP68 Fans – New Product

These IP68-rated fans protect against dust, moisture, salt fog, salt spray, temperature changes, and humidity. They are designed for demanding outdoor and washdown applications, including oil/gas, alternative energy, commercial refrigeration, food/beverage processing, marine, outdoor machinery, outdoor telecom systems, and transportation.

Air Flow Range380CFM to 1300CFM for AC fans
Speed Range – 1650RPM to 3300RPM for AC fans
Voltage Range – 115VAC or 230VAC for AC fans

DC Fans – Energy Efficient, Feature Rich Cooling

25mm – 280mm

Perfect for specialized functions, these fans come in voltages ranging from 5V to 60V, offering a plethora of options including speed control, sensor outputs, and custom connectors. Embrace the energy-efficient solution with a fan that’s built to your specifications.

Reversible Flow DC Fans – New Product

Reversible flow fans provide excellent cooling performance in both the forward and reverse direction making them a great option for maintaining airpath consistency. Users can reduce both the total fan footprint and project costs because the speed and airflow direction are controlled by one fan without supplemental excess wiring or circuitry. 

Orion DC Fans

EC Fans – The Best of Both Worlds

60mm – 254mm

Orion’s Electronically Commutated Fans merge AC’s accessibility with DC’s efficiency. With their internal power conversion and brushless motors, these EC Fans are the optimal choice for energy-conscious applications. Available in various voltages, with options for ATEX certification, they’re the eco-friendly solution you’ve been seeking.

IP68 ATEX EC Fans – New Product

IP68-ATEX rated EC fans grant protection in explosive gas atmospheres while also providing significant cost and energy savings. When employed in Zone 2 applications, ATEX fans eradicate the potential of a motor spark and explosion making them the leading choice for use around flammable gases. With the added IP68-rating, these fans effectively protect against dust and can also be submerged in water of depths up to three meters.

Blowers – Precision Airflow for Critical Applications

50mm – 183mm

When your application demands targeted, high-volume airflow, Orion’s blowers are the answer. Choose between AC and DC models in aluminum or thermoplastic frames, and tailor the specifications to match your unique requirements. With options for PWM input, thermal control, and alarms, you’re in full control of your cooling.


  • Combustion Air Supply
  • Dust Control
  • Fluid Bed Aerators
  • Continuous gas transfer
  • Food and Beverage
  • Medical Industry
Orion Blowers
Orion Fan Tray

Fan Trays – Customizable Airflow for Enclosures & Racks

2,3,6, and 9 Fan Trays

Keep your equipment at ideal temperatures with Orion’s versatile fan trays. Designed for 19” rack applications, these trays fit seamlessly into your setup. From temperature-controlled fans to modular assemblies, our fan trays provide a tailored airflow solution, complete with monitoring and alarms for peace of mind.


Short fan tray series – 1 RU (1.75in) high. Available in either a 3-fan or 6-fan configuration

1U high with redundant power supply – comes with 6 front exhaust fans perfect for cooling network and rack enclosures

Modular fan trays – ideal for use in enclosures, cabinets, equipment racks or ventilation hoods

Centrifugal Fans – Backward Curved Impellers for Max Airflow

133mm – 404mm

Backward curved impellers offer maximum air movement and heat dissipation to extend electronic components and system operating life. Optional duct rings and models designed for harsh environments are available.


AC Impellers – 133mm – 404mm
Available in 115v & 230V
Required capacitor included

DC Impellers – 133mm – 250mm
Available in 12V, 24V, & 48V
Tachometer and PWM included

Centrifugal Fans

At Selmark, we commit to more than just supply; we’re here to provide expert guidance, from fan selection to design optimization, ensuring your journey from prototype to volume production is seamless and cost-effective.

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Orion Fans designs, develops and manufactures a broad line of AC fans, DC fans, EC fans, fan trays, fan accessories, motorized impellers, and blowers to meet the continuing thermal management needs of OEMs worldwide.

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