Varistar CP Seismic Enclosures

Cabinets for Sensitive Electonics in Rugged Environments

Safeguard Your Electronics in Any Environment

Imagine the security of knowing your sensitive electronics are protected, no matter what. That’s the promise of nVent Schroff‘s Varistar CP Seismic Enclosures. With their robust construction and comprehensive protection features, you can focus on innovation without worrying about environmental challenges.

Varistar CP Seismic Enclosures are perfect for protecting network, fiber interconnect, and telephone equipment in seismic zones. Engineered for reliability, they meet rigorous industry standards, ensuring your equipment stays secure and operational during and after seismic events.

nVent Schroff Varistar CC Cabinet

Sturdy Construction

  • Static load capacity of up to 1100lbs
  • Welded brackets

Shock Protection

  • Tested to Telcordia GR-63-CORE Zone 4
  • Network Equipment Building System (NEBS) Certified

EMI Protection

  • EMI/EMC tested to 18GHz, per EN 61000-5-7 and IEC 61587-3


All Around Protection

  • IP55-rated water and dust ingress protection

  • Fire-safe gaskets and powder coating, certified to EN45545

nVent Schroff Varistar CP

Robust. Versatile. Secure. 

  • Reinforcements built of 10 mm thick S700MC fine grain structural steel, with extremely high yield strength to ensure 1100lb loading in earthquake prone environments.

  • L-shaped vertical reinforcements in the front and rear cover the height and width and join in the middle.

  • Horizontal reinforcements on top provide extra rigidity to the frame

Industry Compliant

1. Seismic doors equipped with reinforced 2.5 mm thick brackets, replacing standard door bar profiles, ensuring high rigidity to sustain earthquake tremors

2. Easy mounting
Flexible plinth-to-frame fixing:
a. M12 screws from plinth to frame
b. M10 screws & nut from frame to plinth
Highly accessible plinth-to-floor fixing:
a. Can be done from inside or outside
b. Error free installation using oblong holes in the bottom

3. Cabinets are mounted with 2 mm thick steel depth members to provide additional sturdiness to the frame while also allowing cable management and other fixation points in the cabinet Varistar

4. Frame has multiple fixing points designed in the roll-formed structure, allowing components and cable management accessories to be directly fixed on it

Varistar CP Center Cabinet

Modified Off the Shelf Design

Varistar CP cabinets can be easily designed using the pre-designed standard parts to achieve the quickest delivery times.

Design your perfect enclosure with our Online 3D Configurator. Whether it’s for electronics or server equipment, you can tailor the Varistar CP Seismic Enclosure to meet your exact specifications.

  • Change color
  • Add cut-outs
  • Add text/images/logo
  • Generate a CAD model in 35 formats
  • Generate a pdf document with the bill of material and 3D preview
  • Get an instant quote or order immediately

    At Selmark, we do more than just supply products; we offer expert guidance to ensure your equipment is protected from every angle. From choosing the right enclosure to optimizing your design, we’re here to make your transition from prototype to production seamless and efficient.

    Ready to elevate your rack infrastructure?  We’re here to help.

    No matter your need, we will help determine the best product for your application or assist in the creation of custom-made designs.  Contact us for samples and pricing.


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