PXIe Chassis & Controllers

For Test and Measurement Applications

A Revolution in Customizable Test and Measurement Systems

When it comes to test and measurement solutions, one size does not fit all. In today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, unique challenges require tailored solutions. This is why Selmark is thrilled to introduce nVent Schroff’s new PXIe Systems, a breakthrough in customizable test and measurement solutions.

The Smallest PXIe System Controller on the Market

Industry-leading COM Express modules for unparalleled processor flexibility

Tailor-Made for You

Personalization: Modify and customize both the PXIe chassis and controllers to your unique needs.

Engineering Support: Direct access to a team of engineers who work closely with you, eliminating communication lag and accelerating problem-solving.

PXIe Core Features

Mechanical Adaptability

  • Based on card cage and chassis adjustability
  • Customer-specific branding and look

Scalable Cooling

  • Incremental fan count and power adjustments as slot count grows
  • User-controllable airflow direction

Scalable Power

  • Power modules can be adapted for different slot counts and power demands
  • Expansion-ready power supply mounting spaces

Modular Backplane

  • Offload active components onto modular mezzanines
  • Easy-to-modify passive interconnects
  • Mix and match function modules

Free Evaluation Chassis

Order your free evaluation chassis now – lead time 2-3 weeks

If you are interested to test our chassis for a few weeks as proof of concept and for validation, contact us and we will discuss the details with you. With both our chassis solutions, you are able to make the following modular adjustments.

At Selmark, we’re not just selling products – we’re providing critical solutions that empower your success. Elevate your rack infrastructure with nVent Schroff’s PXIe and experience the synergy of flexibility, safety, and efficiency.

Ready to elevate your rack infrastructure?  We’re here to help.



nVent Schroff is a global manufacturer of electronic packaging solutions. Products include cabinets, cases, sub racks, systems, and thermal management components for multiple markets including defense, telecommunications, medical, test and measurement, rail, and industrial.

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