NorComp Robotic Interconnect Solutions

Navigating Robotic Evolution.

The industrial robot market is constantly evolving, presenting new challenges and opportunities. To meet the demands of this dynamic sector, NorComp leverages its unparalleled expertise in connector design to offer tailored wiring harness solutions that cater to the unique requirements of industrial robotics.

A Portfolio of Possibilities

NorComp empowers you to harness the full potential of robotic technology, with product lines designed exclusively for industrial robot applications. These connectors have been engineered to excel in demanding environments, featuring IP67 ratings that ensure their resilience against the harshest conditions.


White Paper on Industrial Robots (pdf download) 


The connectors for an industrial robot must withstand continuous motion in a harsh industrial environment.

NorComp_VULCON Circular Connector_m8-connector

Vulcon Circular Connectors

Complying with the DIN EN 61076 standard, these connectors boast screw threads and deliver a robust waterproof interface for cable-to-panel or cable-to-PC board connections. Unleash their potential in even the most demanding end-use scenarios.

Nvent Schroff Open Frame Rack

QUIK-LOQ™ Push Pull Connectors

Rugged and sealed, these connectors are tailor-made for high-reliability waterproof applications. Their quick connect/disconnect feature and superior environmental protection make them an ideal choice for demanding robotic environments.

Norcomp Seal_D Series_772E

Seal-D Waterproof D-Sub Connectors

Safeguard your robotics applications from heavy spray and short-term submersion with these IP67-rated waterproof d-sub connectors. Their internal sealing preserves the standard d-sub footprint while offering enhanced protection.

Norcomp Micro-D Connectors_580

Micro-D Connectors

Designed for space-constrained applications, these connectors are less than one-third the size of standard d-subs. Embrace their compact design without compromising on performance.

Nvent Schroff Rack Front panels

Combo-D Power & Co-Ax

Designed to meet the needs of industrial and robotics applications, these connectors accommodate both power and signal requirements within a single connection. Elevate efficiency and convenience with combined power and signal transmission.


Use Case

Last-Mile Delivery Precision

One of the worlds largest global online retailers utilizes NorComp connectors to provide motor & actuator power, along with signal & data connections to operate their last mile delivery robots.

These robots operate in areas where both physical and environmental hazards exist so a very rugged solution was required. NorComp’s 9W4 and 13W3 connectors ensure that every motor hums with precision, every actuator responds promptly, and every data point flows flawlessly.

Connecting Next-Gen Robots

At Selmark, we don’t just provide connectors – we empower your robotic projects with unmatched connectivity solutions. Partner with us to unlock innovation, reliability, and performance that connects you to the future of robotics.

No matter your need, we will help determine the best product for your application or assist in the creation of custom-made designs.  Contact us for samples and pricing.


NorComp designs and manufactures standard and custom I/O interconnect products. As an innovative interconnect solutions provider, NorComp offers a wide range of premium machined, rugged, higher reliability connectors for military, industrial, medical and computer markets. D-sub, Power-D, Push-Pull and Coaxial.

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