NorComp Medical Connectors

Lifesaving Precision in Every Connection.

Medical equipment demands perfect performance.

From diagnostic imaging to robotic-assisted surgery, reliable interconnects are critical for providing safe and accurate patient care. NorComp’s line of robust, ruggedized, IP-rated connectors are built to ensure that life-saving technology never misses a beat.

The following connectors are recommended for use in medical robotics, portable medical devices and diagnostic imaging machines.


Norcomp Medical Interconnects Brochure (pdf download) 

Compact Designs

There’s limited real estate aboard handheld imaging devices and portable monitors. Norcomp’s small-profile connectors can squeeze into the compact form factors of today’s miniaturized diagnostic, therapeutic, and operating equipment.


Norcomp connectors are highly interchangeable, allowing quick access to various systems. Push-pull connectors mate with an audible click, while foolproof color-coding options prevent mismatches.

High Mating Cycles

Connect, disconnect, connect, disconnect…portable equipment is always on the go. Connectors like the QUIK-LOQ™ are rated for over 5,000 cycles, meaning you can safely unhook equipment several times a day for more than four years.


QUIK-LOQ™ Push Pull Connectors

Rugged and sealed, these connectors are tailor-made for high-reliability waterproof applications. The tool-free, one-handed release mechanism is designed for effortless disengagement, eliminating the need for any specialized tools during maintenance or component replacement.

With a durability rating for over 5,000 mating cycles, the QUIK-LOQ is engineered for long-term use, permitting safe and frequent disconnections multiple times a day for years on end.

Norcomp 8P1P_plastic_push_pull_connectors

QUIK-LOQ Plastic Shell Connectors

The 8P1P Series is a high performance cost-effective quick connect/disconnect IP50 rated solution that is available in a wide range of pin counts & colors.

Norcomp 8P1P_plastic_push_pull_connectors

QUIK-LOQ Metal Shell Connectors

Metal shell connectors feature 360° shielding for full EMI / RFI protection and are available with both IP67/IP68 ratings for harsh environments and IP50 ratings for less demanding environments.


A Robust Connector for High-Stakes Medical Robotics

A manufacturer specializing in medical robotics required a connector capable of enduring high levels of shock and vibration. The QUIK-LOQ’s locking mechanism excels in providing optimal security for equipment during tech-enabled surgical operations.

NorComp_VULCON Circular Connector_m8-connector

VULCON Circular Connectors

Complying with the DIN EN 61076 standard, these connectors boast screw threads and deliver a robust waterproof interface for cable-to-panel or cable-to-PC board connections.

Norcomp Seal_D Series_772E

SEAL-D Waterproof D-Sub Connectors

Safeguard robotics applications from heavy spray and short-term submersion with these IP67-rated waterproof d-sub connectors.  Internal sealing preserves the standard d-sub footprint while offering enhanced protection.

Norcomp Micro-D Connectors_580

MICRO-D Connectors

Designed for space-constrained applications, these connectors are less than one-third the size of standard d-subs. Embrace their compact design without compromising on performance.

In medical applications, the right connector is essential. NorComp’s connectors go beyond just making a connection – they represent a pledge to quality, safety, and efficient medical care.

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NorComp designs and manufactures standard and custom I/O interconnect products. As an innovative interconnect solutions provider, NorComp offers a wide range of premium machined, rugged, higher reliability connectors for military, industrial, medical and computer markets. D-sub, Power-D, Push-Pull and Coaxial.

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